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I’m Jim Casale, and I am the new curator of Lotus Jobs. I have known Tom Duff for a few years and have always admired Tom for paying it back to the community. When Tom asked if anyone wanted to take over this blog I responded. This blog is too important to just let it fade away.

So here I am. If you have any questions or comments you can reach me at my blog http://www.jimcasale.net (Jim’s View) or on Twitter @jimcasale.

I have left Tom’s original About LotusJobs posting below. If this blog helps you please remember to thank Tom too.


I’m Thomas “Duffbert” Duff, and this is my Lotus Jobs blog. I used to post this same content to my regular blog at http://www.duffbert.com (Duffbert’s Random Musings), but I realized my regular content was getting buried in the daily job posts. In order to “take back” my blog for more content-driven posts, I decided to migrate the Lotus Job postings to a separate blog… hence this.

You can contact me at duffbert@gmail.com, or catch me on Twitter as @duffbert.

Following is the original explanation of how this offering came about. If you have any questions, send me an email.


As many of you know, I’ve taken to tweeting Notes/Domino job opportunities I find as part of my Google News Alerts (as well as ones that people email me).  I started doing this as I was getting emails from people asking if I would keep my ears open for opportunities, as they were either getting laid off, needed a new job, or their companies were moving to Exchange/SharePoint.  Rather than try and keep track of who was looking for what and where, I started the tweeting under my ID and the LotusWatch twitter ID, with crossposts to Facebook.

I’ll admit I’ve been surprised at the following that LotusWatch has developed, and I’m glad I can do something to help pay back the community for all it’s given me over the years.

But there’s always been a few small things that were a pain in tweeting those openings.  Many were duplicates for the same job posted by different agencies, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out if that was the case and which agency listing I should tweet.  I also would get emails from people asking me to let people know about a certain job, but a page long email doesn’t really fit into a 140 character tweet if it’s not already posted somewhere (which it normally wasn’t).  Finally, I tried to avoid posting items that were nothing but body shops, but again… hard to tell.

Starting on 12/23/2010, I decided to make it easier on myself.  From now on, I’ll copy/paste *all* the Notes/Domino job openings I find on my alerts into a single daily blog post… duplicates, body shops, emailed items, you name it.  That way, you can look for things that might interest you without my filter coming into play.  You might see the same job with three different agencies, but you might already have a working relationship with one of them… now you can just work through your agency of choice.  If I get an email, you’ll see the same information I got.  You’ll see how many Notes/Domino jobs are being advertised for offshoring.  If I see it, you’ll see it.

I’ll tweet the daily job post to my main account, as well as the LotusWatch account with a cross-post to Facebook and Google+.  You’ll still get the same information as before (actually, even more!), but I won’t clog up your twitter client and you can go back to a single point to look things over if a day or two has passed.

So here’s to 2011, and I hope it finds you in the job of your choice.

P.S. – Occasionally I’ll get emails from people asking me to help them find a job or to post more jobs for a specific country.  Please remember that I am only passing along information that I find or that is emailed to me.  I do not hire anyone, I do not have any inside track on any of these jobs, and I can not post information for countries if I don’t find it in my news alerts.  I understand the frustration and desperation you might be feeling in trying to find a job, but my only role here is to post information I find in hopes that it can help others.

4 thoughts on “About LotusJobs

    1. Thomas Duff

      Thanks, Bruce… It’s a way to “pay it forward”, and if it helps someone get a job and improve their job situation, I’m happy to have played a part.

  1. Joe Baxter

    Guys! Can you add a “Tweet this” and maybe more importantly a LinkedIn button on the page?
    Great stuff – keep up the good work. See you in Orlando!


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