Pulse check… is this site still useful for people?

I think it’s time to take a pulse check and see if this site is still useful to people. Have you or anyone one you know gotten a job from a posting you found here?

I’m not planning on shutting it down if it’s still useful to a number of people, but if it’s past its prime or no longer something that matters, I’ll drop this and move my time and focus elsewhere…

7 thoughts on “Pulse check… is this site still useful for people?

  1. Howard

    I do look at what is posted but usually never see anything of value. It is great if you are in the DC area and have a security clearance!


  2. Richard

    Can’t say I got a job (or know of someone who did) from the postings but I appreciate them and may one day profit from them. If it’s not costing you too much to maintain the list, please keep it.

  3. Todd

    I find it useful, especially knowing if there are IBM related positions available. You never know what the future holds.

    Thanks Again.

  4. ET

    Always good to see what is out there. Glassdoor had a few Lotus Notes jobs that I didn’t see here.

  5. Scott L.

    I check this regularly and enjoy seeing where the Lotus jobs are. But, I haven’t actually found a job that I’ve applied for yet. I hope you continue to maintain this. Thanks for your efforts!


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